Conscious change of lifestyle/prevention of aging

Have you ever felt that you have reached a certain point in your life where you have asked yourself:

  • What am I doing here?
  • How can I continue physically, mentally, spiritually?
  • What's my vision quest?

If you have, then it's time to take a break for reflection and change.

Nature and animals fast and human beings are also capable of fasting.

Fasting is part of every religion and nowadays it has regained importance.

It is easy. No complicated counting of calories, no huge cooking adventure, no great loss of time. Just start and let go.
While you are fasting the body switches automatically to feed itself from internal resources.

For over 90 years the softer method of fasting has been based on the experience of Dr. Otto Buchinger. Nowadays it has been scientifically proven that intermittent fasting and a hypo caloric, balanced diet can protect against the processes of Aging such as cardiovascular problems, metabolic disorders, rheumatism, especially increasing food intolerances, allergies and cancer.

There is evidence that, even for a person with cancer and, fasting can reduce the adverse effects of undergoing chemotherapy by protecting healthy cells and increasing its effect on tumour cells. It means that fasting supports the processes of self-healing (Dr.Longo USA).

Fasting moderately releases the body from unnecessary pounds, toxins and negative thoughts.

It is an easy way to gain a new perspective on life and your body.
Important to know about both preventative fasting and therapeutic fasting but also that there are some negatives.

Moderate fasting is normally supervised by a doctor, properly trained in the medical techniques of fasting. People suffering from severe diseases should go to specific fasting clinics to be monitored, guided and supported.

Fasting can take from 7 up to 40 days.

Fasting starts with a soft cleanse of the intestine, using either Bitter salt or similar agents. It is also advisable to clean the intestine with the help of a clyster or colonic irrigation.

The first 1 or 2 days are spent in preparation.
Eat light food such as fruit, vegetables, rice. Drink at least 2 litres of healthy water. Rest and sleep, unless you feel fit enough to do gentle exercises, massage, swimming or sauna.

From days 2 and 3 you no longer eat solid foods. I addition to your water you start drinking a glass of fruit juice and clear vegetable soups.
Usually, when the toxins are eliminated, the body may react with tiredness and headaches. The good news is that you are no longer hungry and do not crave sugar or food. Most people experience feelings of euphoria through the increased production of the "happiness hormone" Serotonin.

During the days of fasting the body starts to rid itself of toxins. The liver, intestine, kidney, lungs, skin will start eliminating toxins, especially in the phase when the body starts producing energy from your own fat cells and keton bodies going into your whole system.

Water water water ...

Hygiene is very important during a fasting period.

Brush your body daily with a natural brush.

Massage your body well with a good oil, such as olive oil. Then rinse, wrap yourself in a towel, and rest. You can also pamper yourself at a Spa.

Take exercise, sauna or walk on the beach or in the forest.

Take part in group meditations, yoga, pilates, Tai chi , Qi-gong or similar techniques.

Start playing an instrument, go for exhibitions, theatre, musicals.

If you feel like consulting a private teacher for coaching, meditation, psychological support, hypnotherapy, do so.

Each of these techniques help you to clear your body, your mind, emotions and your spirit. They help you to reflect on your past and set you on your way to a positive future.

After 6 -7 days of liquid fasting you start with some solid food for dinner on the last day, perhaps a creamy potato soup.

The next 2 days you should slowly increase intake of solid food.

After these days of fasting you will feel light, happy and with fewer pounds around your waist.

Blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure are more regulated. The hormones and nervous system will be more balanced.

Start now!

For more information please contact me: Bianca Toebben PHD
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"everyone can do magical things and achieve his goals when he is able to think – to wait - to fast"
Hermann Hesse Siddharta

Dr. med. Bianka Többen

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